Allow me to introduce myself! I’m Sarah -- the creative soul behind Thistle + Stone Photography, and an adventurous, vibrant, spunky, sassy chick from the heartland in America!! After a 12 year stint in New York, I uprooted and started a new adventure in Scotland and I couldn’t possibly be more excited for all the new opportunities to explore and create!!! Hit me up! Let’s wander, adventure, live and make something incredible! 


Hi! Hello! and


let's see if we'd jive

I'm often referred to as

I get tattoos while traveling so my body has art from all over the world.


I am an extroverted introvert.


I am a nuclear engineer & environmental activist.


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i'm a kansas gal, y'all!


Natl Park:





New Orleans




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fun facts:


laid back





free spirited




big hearted



My Approach

I am here for the wild at heart. For the weirdos. For the couples who want to authentically celebrate the unique and beautiful love story that brought them to their special day. For those couples, I am SO your girl! I dont believe you have to be constrained by ANYTHING to have a day that is authentically celebrated. You dont have to have a tiny ceremony in the woods or 300 of your parents' closest friends. Your day should be about what is important to YOU and if that is how you plan to celebrate it, I am there with you every. step. of. the. way. 

Hey friend. Real talk -- your wedding photographer will likely be one of the people around you THE MOST on your wedding day, so it is really important that you have good chemistry.

I root my business in good, strong relationships with my clients. They get my attention, my experience, wedding day problem solving skills, friendship and everything in between. I want to make sure that we click! Poke around here and be sure to drop me a line to see if we jive. :)

i am all about the feels

American girl
with a
Scottish soul

come to me as you are

   I'll do the rest!

   Check my vibe!

Nuclear Engineer.
Environmental Activist.
Total Marvel Nerd.
Music LOVER.
Cat Person.
Tattoo enthusiast.
Pun slinger.
Free Spirit.
Complete smart ass.

I am a...

Let's get to it!

Let's DO this!

if you want to get married in one of my bucket list locations you are in for some DEEP discounts!

i'm always on the road or up in the air.


faroe islands
the dolomites, italy
santorini, greece
new zealand


I root my business in telling AUTHENTIC love stories. That means I *ACCEPT* AND *CELEBRATE* whoever it is that your heart has found a home in regardless of background, race, sexual orientation.... LOVE IS LOVE and if your love is real, darling, I am SO in your corner!! Every! 👏🏻 Step! 👏🏻 of! 👏🏻 the! 👏🏻 Way!! I am LGBTQIA+ friendly, and I aim to capture your love story in a way that shows your love to the world just the way that you feel it!

LGBTQIA+ Friendly business

All Love Welcome

So much of the work I have done in my life is focused on maintaining the environment and all the amazing places that the Earth has to offer for generations to come. I believe strongly in practicing Leave No Trace principles in our natural areas to preserve, sustain, and even restore the beauty we have now well into the future. 

I am a Leave No Trace Aware Photographer.

Respect the earth

Leave No Trace

I genuinely love your weird. Your awkward. Your different. I have told A LOT of love stories on A LOT of wedding days and my favorites are the AUTHENTIC ones. The ones where the couple shines through. So you think you dont photograph well? You think you are awkward in photos? Let me show you you aren't. You are perfect. You just need to be given the grace and room to let you shine through! 

unique is beautiful

Be Real. Be You.

Your wedding photographer will be one of the people around you the most on your wedding day! SO MUCH of your wedding photography experience is based on chemistry with your photographer so I focus a lot of energy on making sure I foster a strong relationship with my couples. I am in your corner all the way through the process so on your big day you know me and can be comfortable to open up and be you! 


Let's Be Friends!

I was born and raised in Wichita, Kansas (the Air Capital of the World) -- right smack dab in the American heartland and tornado alley, surrounded by wheat fields, and tortured with countless Wizard of Oz jokes. 

(Yes, I *am* aware I am not in Kansas anymore....) 😬

When I turned 18, I turned my gaze northeast and moved up to Rochester, NY (the home of Kodak!) to study engineering and build a career as a nuclear engineer, strong pro-nuclear environmental advocate (check out our non-profit Mothers for Nuclear *shameless plug*) with a wedding photography side hustle.

So what happened?
Well... I was ready for a change!

12-14 hour work days with no life or growth to show for it got to me finally. I realized my life WAS work and I was going to be middle-aged with no personal life of my own. I have always felt a strong connection to Scotland, its vibe just hits different, I am definitely an American girl with a Scottish soul -- the scenery here speaks to me and really inspires my art, so I chose to make my new home here. 

01. You lived a landlocked life in the Kansas heartland, transplanted to upstate New York for 14 years and now you’re in Scotland?

My friends would tell you I: impossible to offend. 
...stay laid back and go with the flow. super fun and full of energy. (I’ll keep you chill on your wedding day…but also help charge you with fun upbeat energy) too much. blunt and honest. (Do NOT ask me if your dress makes your butt look big if you don't really want to know…) utterly sarcastic.
...have a huge heart.
…LOVE a good party and will 100% dance with you while shooting your reception to pump you and your friends up.
...don't suffer fools well.
...have the vocabulary of a well-educated sailor. (I am also super professional but no need to “excuse your French” in my presence!) super genuine.

02. What would your friends tell me you are like?

1) Walk  el Camino de Santiago 

2) Kayak the Marble Caves in Chile and wander through the ruins on Easter Island

3) Travel Tolkien’s New Zealand and hike the Milford Track

03. What are your top 3 bucket list items?

I would be a plaid flannel shirt.

(...for all my UK peeps, flannel in the US is a fuzzy warm fabric NOT a washcloth...)


So glad you asked!! 
Well... because they are warm and comforting.
They are casual and comfy but not too hard to dress up.
They are made resilient and tough for hard work and are very practical, but still soft, fuzzy and super cuddleable.

Pretty much me in a nutshell.

04. If you were an article of clothing, which would you be and why?

I'm kind of a scaredy cat, if I am honest...

(I am also great at facing my fears on a regular basis, but I am scared of A LOT)

I have to go with my #1 fear being of the dark though.

Yes, I said it, I am a grown-ass woman that is afraid of the dark. 

Something about looking out into the abyss and having no earthly idea what is staring back at you, watching you, or ready to pounce on you just gives me the genuine heebie-jeebies. I am 100% that guy that runs up the stairs from the basement after I turned the lights off because I am 98% sure there is something nefarious gaining on me. 🤣
(Pathetic, I know).

05. What are you most afraid of?


I am an audiophile to the extreme!! If I spend a day in silence without some kind of tune to keep me company something is horribly wrong with me. To me music is the most emotive, human thing on the planet. 

It can heal the worst broken heart, cure the worst rage, calm anxiety, amplify the highest energy. Music is my center. The thing that keeps me grounded, sheds away all the extraneous crap in life, and brings me back to my core self. 

A well placed song just makes me feel on top of the world.
(I can also talk about music for HOURSSSSS!!!!! -- so be forewarned if you start down that path... 🤣)

06. What makes you feel alive?

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